Spain *Won*?!

I mean, what! Spain. Won. Damn. Maybe Germany just had it coming, because Spain hasn’t really a match since November 2006. Still, one would’ve expected Germany to win. And to think I couldn’t even watch the match because the stupid cable operator’s CAS system had a power outage (again). The even more irritating fact is that in this age of “Oh wow, so much information on the Internet!”, there weren’t credible places where you can watch the damn thing online. Dang. Hell, even finding properly updated scores is a headache. Finally, followed it on the Beeb. At least they’ve a good site which updates often. Maybe it’s good that I didn’t get to watch, since in the end Germany lost. Still. Online video has a long long way to go.

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the german defence was shit! they really deserved to lose!
anyway, i heard that the uefa site gives minute-by-minute updates…the vid updates are paid, but the normal text pnes are free…

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