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I recently deleted my blog out of anger over a small kerfuffle; I gave that person a piece of my mind, just a little piece, nothing much. Anyway, the end result was that I deleted my blog out of anger and all it’s content was sent to the dustbin of cyberspace A.K.A. nowhere.

However, GQ didn’t like this. He thinks that a lot of “good content” has been lost, so he convinced me to set up shop here and we’ll be uploading some of that “good content” over a very long period of time. So, here I am. Thank you GQ.


The Discovery channel has been one of my constant companions since childhood. I grew up watching it and except for the endless re-runs it was an insanely great experience. After all which 6 year old won’t love Steve Irwin’s antics? Now they recently released this ad called “Boom De Yada” which brought back so many memories that I didn’t know whether to laugh or reminiscence at the end of it. It is insanely great.

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