iPhone 3G

It’s finally here for fanboy worship. The new iPhone is out for people to feel it’s gorgeous screen and then brag about it while Jobs goes laughing all the way to the bank, but wait something’s wrong in the picture. Apple screwed up! If some Mac fanatics are to be believed the most unlikely thing in the universe happened, Apple screwed up! Apple did a Microsoft!

The surprising thing is that Apple managed to change what should have been a field day into a disappointment. Their servers got screwed up with all those customers trying to fire up their phones. I wonder what spin Jobs’ going to put on this. I also wonder whose head is going to roll over this.

However, I have a feeling that Apple will have the last laugh, the iUniverse they’re creating may become the next industry platform, thus minting money for them at an unbelievable rate. Look at the sheer number of people trying to make apps for the iPhone. By making their system so closely integrated and yet giving some breathing space to developers Apple will probably have the last laugh. A few years from now it won’t be the 3G capability or anything else they can fit into it that’ll sell the phone. It will be the sheer number of apps available for it. This means that you should probably go and buy some Apple stock, what are you waiting for?

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Ha! ‘Sheer number of people making apps for iPhone’. In Jobsie’s dreams. Ever seen the number of developers working on Google Android apps?

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