Nat Geo Idiots

Just saw the finals for Lufthansa Nat Geo Genius. I admit, I hadn’t seen the prelims, and missed one semi-final, so I was quite surprised to find Kunal Malhotra among the finalists. Rajat Kapoor is a pathetic quizmaster, because he really doesn’t know how to keep excitement levels up in a quiz. He would have been a good choice if the show had been on Doordarshan, but National Geographic? Nah. And the reason I’m saying this is because I’ve seen the earlier international version of Nat Geo Genius too, and THAT was done pretty well.

More than Rajat Kapoor I think it was a fault of the production house Miditech, of Nikhil / Niret Alva. Let’s face it – Miditech is better off doing cheesy American Idol remakes, quizzing is NOT their cup of tea. I mean, this is not a singing reality show that you can drive up tension by making the anchor say (after the quiz is over) “So who has won Nat Geo Genius – is it Mr A or Mr B?” with shots of those two guys. It’s a QUIZ dammit, people KNOW who has answered more questions, especially when the scores are called out after each round.

National Geographic made a BIG mistake choosing Miditech to bring Nat Geo Genius to India; and Lufthansa made a BIG mistake sponsoring this cure for insomnia. Let’s hope the second season is better, and sensible people like Siddhartha Basu / Joy Bhattachrya / Aditya Mubayi get to host it.

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