The Nature of Reality

When do you define something as real? Is it something that one can touch, smell, see or “feel” as they say? However if you carefully think about it you will realize that it is nothing but fiendishly clever stimulation of the brain. When this system fails, we start to get conflicting signals altering our perception in short we start to hallucinate take for eg schizophrenia or under the influence of psychedelic drugs like LSD often the person cannot tell the difference between reality and the figments of imagination, it is amazing how much this happens to people not under drugs. Have you ever noticed how eager one is to deceive oneself such as we always argue that mistakes were made but however not by me. Our brain even twists our memories to see ourselves in the way we want to see. Thus, we twist reality or the world around us to our liking. Will any human ever have the courage and resolve to break free from these institutions that breed the uniquely human qualities of hate, prejudice and extreme subjectivity. Does anybody has the courage to look at life and the universe as it is not as what we want it to be?

It is said that subjectivity is the boon but I argue that it is not so, one has to be objective in order to view the universe in all it’s pristine glory. This experience doesn’t destroy anyone but infuses the person with perspective which enables one to truly realize the importance and value of life. As, currently the universe appears to be one big waste of space. We are luck to be alive and to have each other to cherish this planet.

Yet there are contradictions, look at all those generals, terrorists and leaders who are willing to flow rivers of blood, but for what? Peace or more likely the proof of their pseudo superiority over the scarcely different inhabitants of this world? Out of the “leaders” of this earth not a single one of them is truly objective, each one of them is bound in the icy grip of subjectivity. So contradictory is the nature of the world or reality that we have created for ourselves, it is almost as if all of humanity has a tainted world view. Often people who do not subscribe to this world view and who don’t confirm to the current norms of the so called “society” are labeled, mocked upon and are called dreamers. Yet, it is these very intellectuals who sustain “society”, we create the basis of their progress and subsistence, even then these fools ponder about separation from us. Yet I do not blame them as they have chosen their delusions and perhaps I have chosen mine, as they say only time will tell. So for now I think it is safe to say that reality is what we make of it, nothing less and nothing more.

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