Now THAT’s Rich

Now please don’t misunderstand me, I worship Scientific American, this mighty institution has uplifted me from the drudging confines of reality, time and time again. However, today I opened an article in the Scientific American to find

Nuclear Weapons in a New World; Countries are altering their nuclear arsenals, prompting the U.S. to refurbish its own warheads.

Now that’s rich, somebody has to remind them that currently the United States has more nuclear warheads than all the so called ‘aggressor’ nations that inhabit the world today. The United States along with the Soviet Union had ‘pioneered’ the global balance of terror, which successfully booby trapped each and every citizen of this planet for much of the late twentieth century. The United States and the Soviet Union were the first nations who started to collect nuclear weapons and thanks to them it nearly became a home handicraft industry. However, thanks to the revulsion felt by citizens of the world a mutual compromise was reached, now the USSR is out of the game and they are doing it, again, on a much larger scale. Who exactly is the genius behind this brilliant maneuver? Do they realize that if they do anything like this, they will finally succeed in destroying the global civilization and perhaps humanity itself by triggering another arms race? I guess they never do learn their lessons; Vietnam…Iraq, history it seems is bound to repeat itself with such idiots in power…

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