NASA, Diwali, & One Bored Human

Now, I finally know why NASA has systematically and consistently failed to live up to it’s glorious past, unlike the previous generation this generation knows how to party. They actually spend up to $ 1.3 million on partying away in luxury, of course. Oh yeah the tax payers pick up the tab. So in order to commemorate the genii at NASA (their 50th anniversary is coming up soon) I decided to have my own launch and party the night away – Anuj style.

I was getting extremely bored this Diwali and since my parents had denied me the right to go to EXUN so I decided to take things into my own hands, this included blowing things up, polluting nature for no good reason, spending other peoples money on buying coke and other bare essentials and then getting these people to blow more things up. In the end we (or I, one should say) had a blast (no puns intended)!

I blew things up by convincing alright manipulating the people in my colony to my own designs. I came up with this really fun concept, which was dubbed TPS (Tokri Propulsion System by my neighbor, what could have I said to him? Love thy neighbor, hence please drop that stupid name further they were his crackers…) but I prefer to call it BPS (basket…) and guess what it actually worked!! The damn basket actually went up 8′ (2′ 1″ above my head, note: The values are approximate).

For the next try we (I) decided to videotape it. The video was a failure but we still partied the night or the evening away (we played CS on my comp with a copious amounts of coke & potato chips).

PS: I shall post up an explanation as soon as my net connection starts working again…

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