Learn Browsing – Part 2

I just had to mention this, even after talking about the same topic a few days back in Learn Browsing. This new one is SO bad, that is actually good. Sample this editorial page article in HT, by Jhoomur Bose:

Between Google and Wikipedia (, you can find answers to almost anything on the internet.

Columns like these really suck – when they’re written by people who know shit about computers; and just to make up for it keep on inserting some web address every few sentences thinking it’s uber-cool. There was more. Within the same article, look out for a web address which has a space in it, in the subdomain name. Never knew we all could do that too. :p

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@Tikna: Technically yes. But for a reporter on the tech beat on a major national newspaper, getting precious editorial page newsprint, goof-ups like THIS aren’t expected. Especially from a tech beat reporter.

Oh yeah, “three”.

Jhoomur’s personal blog is at:
What she writes best about would be social issues, I didn’t expect her to write about blogs and websites and I don’t think she is doing a really good job of it.

@Espera: Yes, I came across that blog when i ran a search – but it was a WordPress one if I remember correctly. Must be having multiple ones.

Anyway, what I’m surprised at is that someone who seems to have been blogging for quite a while (and possibly owns multiple blogs) is making errors like these.

Surprised i reached here somehow.And reading about a post and the discussion about an unpardonable error done by a writer.Silly.
I think Ms Bose is doing a pretty good job writing every week about blogs and counting the words.And certainly has improved in style and content from the first couple.

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