Pro Level Web-D, at DCE

Apoorv posted recently on his blog about the code-breaking event conducted by the IEEE club of DCE. He won the event, congratulations to him (his blog seems to be down right now). What caught my attention was the link to the online version of their event, so I decided to have a look at it. After all, Panache Online is a very refined thing which the folk at DCE have made.

However, one look at the IEEE event online version Encryptopedia is sure to any gargoyle worth its grotesqueness turn around in its grave. Straight out of CBSE class 10 IT curriculum web designing. Either way, they messed up. If they gave the website making duty to some guy who’s got no friggin’ clue, it’s their fault; and if it’s true that NOBODY in DCE’s IEEE club knows web-d, then it’s even more sad. And THEN they cry about more people being hired by tech companies from NSIT.

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Well, I don’t know about the Web-D part, because I am not much a web developer myself, but I know one thing for sure, that the level of the IQ quizzes were awesome, and that’s what I think they needed to focus on anyway. I am not saying this to defend the IEEE group in anyway, you would know that about me if you read my blog. The general quality of web-d otherwise at IEEE-DCE is fairly better than what I have seen.

@Apoorv: Yes, the questions were good. The even was pretty much like Code Wars’ N-Crypton. My point is specifically about the site which has been made. Go to and – see which one looks better. About the Encryptopedia page, they used a Windows Vista Wallpaper as the background, garish light blue and yellow text WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, with 1990s marquee effect, and sucky graphics which start making NIC websites beautiful. If the IEEE has better Web-D guys, then they should have given THEM the task of making this site. After all, the group’s public impression is created by what they put up online, not on an intranet. šŸ™‚

@Tikna: Ah yes, a few NIC sites are good. Frankly, I think those poor chaps aren’t to blame for most of the sites, because they do need to ensure that they’ll work on browsers as old as IE4 / IE5, because village / small-town folk also might need to access them. They can only afford to go in for proper designs for the ones which would have an urban audience, because only they’ll have connections / browsers capable of handling rich media sites.

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