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Minty Fresh

Screenshot 18/01/08
Creative Commons License photo credit: Aaron Bassett. Not MY desktop.

I hate Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, so much so that I’m putting up with Vista. Recently, I got my hands on the 8.04.1 maintenance release ISO via the PC Quest subscription I won at Dynamix last year. Apparently, it’s supposed to have fixed a lot of bugs. I installed it, saw that none of the things I was pissed about were fixed, and promptly uninstalled it. Then, I got my hands on Linux Mint release 5 (codenamed ‘Elyssa’; it’s based on Hardy Heron, BTW) ISO through a friend of mine who subscribes to PC World – and installed that. I’ve installed Mint on school computers earlier too, and I liked its overall feel and openSuse GNOME menu rip-off. Agreed, it didn’t solve the accessibility features problem, but it’s more stable than Hardy – which is all I wanted. Plus it comes with much better artwork than Ubuntu’s various-shades-of-shit-colour wallpapers (I really wonder if people who call that shade of brown have gone bonkers). Elegance truly came from Freedom.

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Apparently, Dynamix Fest at Ramjas RKP had no sponsors this time, unlike last year….So no Magazine Subscriptions for the winners šŸ˜‰
Also, Ubuntu Hardy Heron was the first time ever I used a Linux Distro, though it was good…It has got so many loopholes…Just becoz they concentrated on Wubi!!

@Prateek: No sponsors? Even refreshments must have been bad this year then, if school was paying from it’s own pocket. It’s sad that your first experience of Linux was with a distro version that was so buggy. Hopefully these problems would be ironed out by the 8.10 release.

The refreshments were bad, as expected. And they were boasting that – “It has been handled totally by students”. I suppose Dynamix 2008 was one fest to forget – Bad organisation, Rigged events, Funny/weird qns, No sponsors – They did not even give Prizes to the second position. They just announced their names.
Yes, I am eagerly awaiting the 8.10 Release.

@Prateek: Code Wars. Now THAT’s what ‘handled by students’ should be like. šŸ˜‰ Another nice Linux distro to watch out for would be openSuse 11.1 in December. Really good-looking distro.

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