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Finding out who is hosting a particular website

When you get into web developing, or are just contemplating buying hosting for a blog, one question that many of you have is to know what hosting service your favorite blogs use. To do this, I generally used to run a whois search on the domain, and check their nameservers. That generally gives the answer. I use Network Solutions’ whois query service. Agreed that it isn’t the fastest-loading site, but it’s available all the time. Many smaller whois query service providers go down sooner or later because of automated systems which abuse their service.

The nameservers themselves might not give a direct answer always. GoDaddy for instance uses or as the nameservers for domains hosted / parked with it. There are a few others too who do this. For those, you’d then need to search it up online.

Which brings me to this new service I came across recently. Simple and no-nonsense Who Is Hosting This. Try it. Handy tool, and plain old fun to find out which hosting provider your favorite sites use.

PS – BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post. :p

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