WordPress’ Link Manager is *dumb*

Or rather, the creators who implemented it / the implementation of the Link Manager used in WordPress is dumb in how it handles ‘ratings’. Those of you who have WordPress blogs would know – when you go to the Link Manager in your blog to add a new link to your blogroll, under Advanced properties you’ll find an option called ‘Rating’. By the word ‘rating’ it’s supposed to mean that if I give something a higher numerical value, I want it to appear higher on my list. That’s what rating means. Whenever I tried sorting my links using the ‘filter by rating’ feature though, it would throw up the exact opposite results.

I got a bit irritated about that today, and consulted the WordPress Codex. And here’s what it says:

Rating – A ranking of the Link, which can be used to sort links within Categories.

Ranking. Not rating. Which means a lower numerical value makes it more important. Rectifying this is easy – just renaming one word in the source file. Why the WordPress team hasn’t taken care of such a thing is the more important question.

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