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Gave the SAT Subject Tests yesterday (Math Level 2 and Physics). Chose the other Delhi centre – St Michael’s Senior Secondary School (it’s right next to Springdales School, Pusa Road) – instead of the American Embassy School. The atmosphere’s better, because the invigilators don’t bark at you. That, and the fact that the dustbins there are penguin-shaped. Guess whom I met over there in the morning? Gothking, from CW! (He was there to give the SAT Reasoning Test.)

I hope the ‘curve’ is lenient this time during the evaluation. With this over, I can now ‘focus’ on the Pujo. And getting a new phone.

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hi again.
acc. to u does the centre makes any difference in our scores, cuz im being cynical that every1 whom i know gave their their paper in ST.Michaels didnt got a 2000+ score in SAT 1. for now i hav chosen GD Goenka for the month of october.

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