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Something amazing has happened today in the world of A.I. the EPFL-Laboratory of Intelligent Systems has developed nay evolved machines through swarm communication that uses lies for a survival advantage! This is phenomenal think about how lying is such a complex social activity and these machines evolved it on their own for their survival benefits! OK to understand the true gravity of this think about how complex it is to create a viable lie you need to know what the other agent will believe what you need to do in order to fabricate the deception so on and so forth, it’s amazingly complex. The robots on the other hand did a rather simple version of it but nonetheless this is revolutionary, think about the potential for this.

The little liars would lie to their swarm that they had found food when they would have actually found poison, this would reduce competition as the other machines would go to their little deaths! This is nature in action in machines. This is something that changes everything; it shows the potential of artificial evolution maybe one day we’ll be able to evolve HAL…

Now, I know which institute I am going to study from in the future, forget MIT this is the place where I want to go.

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