R.I.P. Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton, at the book launch of State of Fear
Michael Crichton, at the book launch for State of Fear

Yet another of my favorite authors is now dead. Michael Crichton died yesterday due to cancer. Michael Crichton was one swell author who wrote some really thought provoking and yet action-packed novels. His novels were everything Dan Brown’s aren’t – exciting, yet accurate. Copius footnotes allowed a reader to retrace Crichton’s steps in framing any piece of his work. Moreover, Michael Crichton’s novels always took up issues related to cutting-edge technology. This Harvard doctor, unlike other posers out there, actually knew about the science he was talking about. And for heaven’s sake, stop comparing the Jurassic Park movies to the novels – they have NOTHING in common except for the title.

Sigh. That means my stack of Crichton novels on my bookshelf won’t be expanding any longer. Unless greedy publishers take the ‘Robert Ludlum route’ and start publishing ghost-written novels in his name; which would be a real shame because nobody can replace this Crichton-sized hole in the world. Rest in peace…

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I had my first Parnab quiz, and that guy just rocks!! would love to make a post on this blog abt. the sukhdev college quiz, where we came 3rd..

@ Chirag – Are you sure ;-)? Anyways share some questions of the Quiz if possible.

I too was a die hard fan of Crichton. I’d really like to know which books of his have you read. Also, the comment abt Dan Brown was really great šŸ™‚ I cant imagine how ppl who’ve read both can ever say that Dan Brown’s better, and I do know a friend who does. And, he was one guy I was a real fan of. I mean I draemt of meeting him one day. It aws really so depressing when I got to kno he died. :'(. Hope somebody comes up to anywhere close to his standards in the next generations or two. Although I really dont think that’ll be possible. šŸ™ Just cant stop being sad abt it.

@Vishesh: I’ve read every book of Crichton, except for ‘The Great Train Robbery’ (among his fiction titles) and none of the non-fiction titles. ‘State of Fear’, out of all the ones he wrote, is definitely my favorite. (It’s a shame however that Harper Collins chooses to publish it in bloody 8pt size font.) Which ones have you read / is your fave? šŸ™‚

@ankur: Oh well… I dont think I’ve read those many, but ive read abt 8, and of course my favourite was first, State of Fear, and then, I really loved Jurassic Park too, especially the part of fractals, gaussian plots, etc… Aint i nerdy??;)

Ankur, you really should his non-fiction titles,especially “Five Patients”. I’ve the entire collection in my library now, both fiction and otherwise.

Sigh It came as a shock, seems like just yesterday that I finished up “Next”, and started looking forward to his next.

@Ramit: ‘Next’ was B.A.D. Maybe not as bad as Dan Brown, but definitely not as good as his other novels.

@Vishesh: Totally. Both the JP novels were classics. I liked the sequel better.

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