For All Xkcd Fans – The Geek Hero Comic

We all love xkcd. [Don’t you? Don’t you?!] And born out of this passion for xkcd comes another fun webcomic by One Of Us Fans: the Geek Hero Comic. Made by Salvatore Iovene – a guy who Twitters via command line just for sheer unadulterated kicks. Unlike the monochrome world of xkcd, Geek Hero Comic’s world is rendered in color. What doesn’t change is the ‘funny-ness’. Sample Bob, the project manager (I just love this particular strip). GHC has been picking up a lot of readership lately, recently crossing over a 1000 feed subscribers. All I can say now is…go acquiant yourself with the characters, and subscribe to its feed for some geeky humor.

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Hi Ankur!
tcs it wiz is on 11th dec, just coming. It would be wonderful if you could devote a post on that, and telling the delhi geek community where to study from and some tips on the tcs it wiz (being a pro yourself at that last year…..)

@Chirag: Hmm, I’m leaving Delhi on 10th Dec for a short holiday, so let’s see. Meanwhile, study from (for latest news) and (for basic history stuff). That’s mostly what TCS IT Wiz asks for.

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