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It’s that time of the year when in schools across the country teachers have started pestering students to submit their class 12th Board practical projects. Since I need to do a few good deeds before Christmas, I decided to put my computer science and chemistry projects. OK, not completely mine. Naman made a major portion of the computer project; as for chemistry, I never really did that one – simply ‘slurped’ off projects from others, smacked on my own formatting to make it looks loads cooler than their Comic Sans riff-raff, and submitted the thing somewhere around the very last days before the practicals.

  • CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Project (ZIP, ~619 KB):
    1. In the root folder of the archive you’ll find my ‘quizzing software’ (named Jabberwocky). Included is the source code for the text-only and ‘graphics’ version of the software (using graphics.h). I suggest people to show the former, because if you’re unable to answer questions about the Turbo C++ graphics library you’re screwed. I also included the project report cover and body (needed along with the project when you submit it) as a demo on what is to be written. However, I did not include editable versions since, well, you’ve the source code anyway. Also included is the final end-user package of the software which contains a library of quiz questions with the software can use.
    2. In the folder Rach’s Project, you’ll find…Rach’s project. I had no role to play in the making of that except for putting it up here. Contrary to popular belief, Rach says that he was not jacking off when creating the project (this rumor started because of the filenames he used). He says it’s because he’s a big fan of Jack Sparrow.
  • CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Project (ZIP, ~131 KB): I’ve included DOC and ODT versions of three different computer projects. The one on conductivity was what I eventually submitted. The one on rayon fibres is Rach’s.

Hope people find this useful. There are some other older posts of mine too which you may find useful.

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i Wanted a project on EMI in physics This is the really intresting one . One can do much things in it . I mean to say athat EMI including(Altenating Currents ) is a vast topic to study and had a great importance in boards and jee mains . so Making a project on it will help any student to learn it effectively

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