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General Quiz on 16th January

Event details for quizzes starting next year have started coming in. Cradle Sports will be organizing a general quiz for schools (sponsored by Academy of Animation and Gaming, and IMS) on 16th January 2009. Venue for the event has not been decided yet but will be informed soon. Each school team would consist of 4 members, who participate in a written elimination round followed by 12-16 teams qualifying on stage for the semi-finals and final. As AAG is the sponsor, the stage finals will also have special rounds on toons, animation and gaming. Oh, and this is an open quiz so each school can send as many teams as it wants (although I doubt any people from 10th / 12th will be coming because of their pre-Boards). Apart from the school quiz, there will also be an open quiz where anyone can participate (details for that will be available later). For more information, you can contact Arindam Bhattacharya at 9312600283 or Anirudh Sharma at 9999772096.

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Could u like specify the name of the quiz u’re talking about. Cause I reached the registration form of this weird Cricket Quotient thing which, by its name sounds like its a cricket quiz. I’d like to go for a general quiz but s**k at sports :). Also, that thing says its a 3-member team thing. so… thnx in advance.

@Vishesh: Registration for the general quiz hasn’t started yet. The one you’re seeing is about an older quiz they conducted. For this quiz, it’ll be a 4 member team.

Is it actually worthwhile to go for this quiz,especially because its during the pre-boards…it’ll be a little tough to go for this quiz….?

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