Catch Raju If You Can

catch-raju-if-you-canThe story of Satyam’s cookbooks booking of their cooks cooking of their books has been getting considerable airtime. The hero of the day, of course, is Ramalinga Raju – the chap who claims he pulled of a conjob worth close to Rs 7000 crore. Man, he totally kicks that wussy Titanic-chap out of the park as far as conning is concerned. And he will probably now spend the rest of his time in jail writing like Injuns about riding tigers.

Even more surprising is the role of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the audiors involved in this mess. Where were they looking when this fraud was taking place over the years? The answers really simple – the other way, while Satyam paid them baksheesh.

Satyam jokes seem to be the flavor of the season. You know, the sort which goes like…

‘Satyam’ is a one-word oxymoron

A fan website of the ol’ lad was created. Notice the amusing bits there too…

Ramalinga Raju's website
Now that's what you call a bloody good joke

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And then there was this one:

Raju, Raju.
Yes papa.
Cheating people?
No papa.
Telling lies?
No papa.
Open your accounts!
Ha ha ha.


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