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The Thousandth Post

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When I told Rach that this milestone was coming up, his first response was “What are you going to do about it? Write a post that this is post number so-and-so?”. That wasn’t my initial idea, even when I’d spoken to him. I’d thought of writing something about I won’t tell you. When the moment arrived, I just couldn’t bring myself to dismiss it off as a footnote.

There was a ‘false start’ to this post around September last year. The post count on my WordPress database was inching towards 1000, so I sat down to see my previous posts. I discovered that duplicate entries had been created on my blog when I had restored from the Great WordPress Crash. I deleted those entries and this post was put into cold storage. When I made my 500th post, Abhishek pointed out that I was making a bit too many ‘milestone’ posts. Now, the time has come when I can make another ‘milestone’ post with proper justification. 🙂 (And I promise, the next milestone will be at 2000.) Posting was a bit subdued as I was watching my post counter all the while, but now that’s it’s done I can be a bit more free. (That means Anuj’s old archives will start getting repopulated on this blog. I’d put that on hold for a while.)

I thought it would be a nice occasion to switch to a new theme. Here you have it! The new theme should considerably improve readability; the last one’s color scheme left me very little choice to play around with. This one’s color scheme offers me more options for customizing. I made a few other changes – like showing links in my blogroll in a random order. I noticed that keeping it alphabetical might have caused some links I wanted people to go to didn’t get enough attention. Since I don’t want to bother about ranking each link individually nor show them alphabetically, random should be a good compromise. No advertisements right now, but expect them to be back in a while. 😛

Reaching this point involved a lot all fun and no work over a period of three years, but arrive it did. Something which started off in 2005 as nothing other than checking out a newly-maturing platform called (and hardly a trickle of visitors initially; blogging wasn’t THAT big back then) has now turned into a hosted blog running on WordPress serving thousands of visitors a month. Along the way this blog made it to the top for a lot of people looking for information about quizzing, computer symposiums, and school education in Delhi.

I made a whole lot of friends too! More than anything, that is what I cherish the most. Social media and its power to connect people is amazing. Participating in this medium of free exchange of ideas from different people as they want it, when they want it. Feels gratifying at least some of the content on this blog has given help, advice, support, food for thought or laughs for a tiny fraction of people on the Web who came across it. Thank you, dear readers, for your patronage over the years! I could not have done reached where I am without you folks.

(Oh, and incidentally, it’s also my thousandth status update on Twitter today. Yeah, I synchronized it.)

Ever wondered why my blog is titled ‘Needlessly Messianic‘? The Answer shall be revealed when you click here  (just do it already!)

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I forgot to add the fact the new template is WordPress 2.7 compatible, and therefore allows threaded comments. You get a ‘Reply to this comment’ with each comment. Which means NO MOAR @REPLIES. Yayz!

Yay. I like the new layout. The tabs on the side that keep following you are a bit annoying though.

Well, it allows you to jump directly back to the home page. Apart from dangling the RSS feed in front of the user all the time. Muhahahaha.

Congrats, love the new template.

Dude, but I seriously think that you should find a better use for your precious time. Anyway congrats!

Wicked smileys, dude. And congrats!! I love the blogroll, especially whenever my blog comes randomly on top. 😛 😛
Nice template! 😛

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