An Insanely Great Thing

Guest blogged by Anuj on April 19, 2008.

Guess what? My earphones went missing yesterday, as I got new ones yesterday the loss was compensated for, but what happened to them?

Creative Commons License photo credit: todderick42
That mystery was cleared today; their destiny was revealed to me in the morning while I was getting dressed for horse riding. I had left them in my trouser’ pocket. They went on a trip which, I am willing to bet, no earphones have ever taken before. They were washed and ironed. I didn’t expect them to survive but they still work! In fact, they perform as well as they used to do, they aren’t damaged in any way at all. Instead, they’re clean and smell like flowers in an alpine meadow (I blame my detergent for that).

is called design, isn’t it the most insanely great thing ever? I am thinking of enshrining them to remind me what design truly is, and what practices must be followed while creating something.

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were the older earphones apple? apple ones suck so I planned to buy new ones today, going for creative EP830 worth ~1k. Wat do u think?

This post was guest blogged by a friend. He happens to love Apple; I don’t. For earphones I’d suggest the in-canal ones from Sennheiser. They’re expensive, but have a few cheaper models too. If budget is an issue, then yes, go for Creative. Creative is good too.

NUU! Anupum DO NOT go in for the creative. Go instead for the CX 95 from sennheiser. MUCH better.
If they’re a little pricey go for the CX 500 or 400 both are priced very closely (~2.5k I should think), they have excellent noise cancellation, but the 500’s may not be great for jogging as when the wire rubs against something you sometimes hear some disturbance in the audio.
It may make me sound like a fanboy but Creative Sucks

Sennheiser is definitely the best at this game, but it’s also pretty pricey. Compared to the shit out of Steve Jobs’ crack that Apple bundles with its iPods, Creative would be welcome change.

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