Untitled Observation: V.

Guest blogged by Anuj on April 11, 2008.

You know life has those moments which make you go “whisky tango foxtrot”? I just had one, one of my cousin sisters is apparently getting married, and hell I didn’t even know that, the date is yet to be fixed so I guess I haven’t been informed and I pretty much don’t care. After all what the hell am I supposed to do prance around like an aide or something?

Here’s the twist, she loves me or something and has requested me to come to her wedding and do all the stuff aides are supposed to do. Ahem. Ahem. I am at a loss for words, I never knew she loved me that much, I mean we’re a part of family, but the only interaction I ever have with her is purely technical, I ask her about her job and we discuss stuff about the IT industry etc. Now this? I mean she actually likes me? Now that’s a surprise.

Okay, I have decided not to let her down, I will do whatever she asks me to do, even if it concerns religion. I mean how hard can it be? Fashion is such a no brainer and if I can figure that out*, surely I can do this stuff? Why do I have a funny feeling that I am becoming the next Metcalfe?

  • I see it in this manner: people are obsessed with making themselves better and I guess physical appearances are important for them, but what I don’t get why the hell do they have those weird outfits and why the hell do they change it every six months? Is it that terrible or they just want to screw people up and earn money, I am guessing that both these factors are at play, anyway forget it, seriously forget them, they’re like a plague. I mean it’s so simple; this looks good, this doesn’t; one is insanely great the other is crap; 1 or 0 end of story.

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