AIEEE 2009 rank analysis for college admissions

I came across this incredibly useful link on the Softloads blog, but it seems that for some reason their hosting company has taken down their blog. A lot of the comments on my VITEEE 2009 results post had veered towards advice on starting / closing ranks for admissions to NITs and other colleges through AIEEE 2009.

Kudos to Sarthak and Akshay – the guys behind Softloads – for finding out the link to this tool: the AIEEE rank analysis tool. This thing is just superb. Go to that page and enter your category (general / SC / ST / OBC etc), college / institute you want admission in, and the course / branch you want admission in. Their system seems to be working a bit slowly because of the load they must be facing from so many visitors, so be patient for a while. It will show you the opening and closing ranks for admission to NITs (or other institutes) – both all India rank and home state rank (for that particular state) for your category.

Hopefully, this should clear most of the queries that you may have about admissions through AIEEE. And do remember to drop by and say thanks at Softloads once their site is up!

PS – Naman (who’s studying at NIT Bhopal) has pointed out this bit of information in the comments section:

I would like to add a point to the post that the tool provides information of allotment through the 1st counseling. According to the tool, for IT @ NIT Bhopal(All India quota) closing rank was 7,157.

But due to vacancies in other branches a lot of internal sliding usually takes place(on basis of AIEEE ranks) and I managed to get IT at a rank of 14,191.

Note to all posting comments along the lines of “What branch will I get”: What do you think the bloody link is for? Click on it, go to that page, and find out. Stop bugging me with “What branch will I get with this rank” comments. I will NOT answer comments like these. If you’ve anything else to add to the discussion then please feel free to do so.

PS – Check out A Guide to Admissions in Engineering Colleges in India.

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while applying for colleges in haryana is it the category rank considered or the overall…the cut off posted over the internet is it based on general or overall…plzz help

I got overall 14190 AIR & CR(OBC) 2511.My state(Rajasthan) rank is 2176 & CR 445.Can i get mechenical in anyone of top 5 NIT’s.