Five Years of Rediscovering The Web

It’s been five years since Firefox was launched. To commemorate this occasion, Mozilla has released a video on Firefox’s journey over the past five years. It’s an animated advertisement…and it looks simply beautiful, and the soundtrack is pretty groovy too. We all know about Firefox of course, so I’m sharing this not to tell you about Firefox, but to simply admire such a well-created video.

Watch the Five Years of Firefox video

Firefox really shook up the world in more ways than one. It presented the first real threat to Internet Explorer since Netscape Navigator’s demise. In a way, it paved the way for interactive web services and apps that we are so fond of these days; by attempting to stick to standards, it even forced Microsoft to slowly come to terms that it must follow standards to stay in the race. Even with far more choice now – with Safari, Opera, Chrome – among others, Firefox started and still leads the charge of IE alternatives. What do I like most about it? Customizability, of course.

Keep rediscovering the Web!

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