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Winding down

Things are visibly slowing down around me as the university prepares for its winter hibernation starting 18th December. Lectures are falling off the timetable, the last jumbo issue of year 2009 for The Stag is out, final coursework deadlines for the year are approaching, MAD TV is in the process of shooting its last, Christmas special episode. At work, we have one major event tomorrow to pitch the Surrey placement year to companies before we wind down. I had the first lunch at my house in days; so far, I literally only had time to grab sandwiches or salad from the Union shop in between breaks.

Exciting past few weeks, and the new year promises more change. The next edition of The Stag is far off, but I’m working with a team on getting the newspaper online on its own website. Same with MAD TV, which is moving on to a new system of releasing content too. Controversial times. Change is always greeted by people with something like “With all due respect, fuck you. This idea sucks.” Personally, I think the changes we’ll be making will be for the better.

Big furore at the Students Union, with a majority of the executive team almost being voted out by a proposed no-confidence motion (which was withdrawn at the last-minute). Then there was the ‘Winter Happenings’ dance event at university. MAD TV has been contracted to produce a DVD of the event, which featured dance performances from various dance groups in Guildford. That was most of my last Saturday. The camera team spent most of the rehearsal camera practice zooming into you-know-which bits of the chicks on stage. I kept laughing over the TalkBack intercom system that the team was using to communicate (thankfully, only during the rehearsals, not the actual event).

PS – I feel like adding a “What I’m listening to” section in my posts from now on, inspired by Charles’s blog (he’s the technical producer at MAD TV). Right now, that would be Boring by Lifer.

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Thanks for linking to my blog! MAD TV is in contrversial times, and it’s going to be an exciting year!

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