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Multiple identities

Customer support for any company can be notoriously annoying and inept. Now you can add ‘(unintentionally?) humourous’ to the list too. I called up Tata Sky satellite TV‘s helpline today to drop ESPN from our account today, now that the World Cup is over. After a brief wait, I was connected to a customer service representative (CSR in the dialogue below)…

CSR: Good afternoon Mr Ankur Banerjee, how may I help you?

Me: I wanted to drop the ESPN add-on package from my account.

CSR: Sure thing, Mr Chatterjee. Please wait while we check you out. (‘check you out’? Did some wise guy actually write that in the script reps have to follow?)

Me: …

CSR: Thank you, for waiting Mr Mukherjee. The package you requested has been dropped from your account.

Me: (trying to control laughter at this point) …

CSR: Mr Mukherjee?

Me: Erm…right…of course. Thanks.

CSR: Have a good day, Mr Chatterjee.

I can’t help but laugh how within that short span of time with customer information available on-screen someone could get my name wrong so many times. Maybe Tata Sky customer service reps are allowed one-joke-at-the-expense-of-customer per hour, to lighten the mood in the workplace. That, or the guy suffers from ADD.

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There’s an IVRS system to add packages, as far as I know. (That’s how I added the package.) For dropping, I went to Tata Sky’s website and called the IVRS system but there was no option other than speaking to a human operator.

Being the usual you, why din’t you “check out the representative” about the same? 😛

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