Moleskine craving

I was chewing a piece of paper last night (around 1.27am) while watching Kill Bill (Vol. 1), I felt a sudden, desperate urge to buy a Moleskine notebook. Forgetting my room keys behind, I rushed out wearing my flip-flops and ran for about fifteen minutes to get to the only 24/7 shop on campus – ‘The Grocer by Sterling‘. They didn’t have any.

Credit: Fabio Consoli

I trudged back home, browsed through the beautiful gallery for a bit. You must check it out. Then I finished chewing the piece of paper and got back to watching Kill Bill. The trigger for all this might possibly have been The Bride scratching out O-Ren Ishii’s name on a piece of paper.

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See people! At least one sane person backs me up that Moleskines aren’t easily available in Singapore. Or at least at the middle of the night from the campus convenience store.

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