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Wǒ máng

I found out today that my application for summer internship has been successful! I will be working at Nanyang Technological University’s electronic engineering department researching the use of microphone arrays to improve accuracy of speech recognition algorithms. I’m quite chuffed that I get to stay on in Singapore till August – that’s almost one full year here! 🙂 I also get paid for the stint, so all the more money to chuck into booking travels in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of travelling, I spent ten days backpacking around Malaysia till last week. Lots of interesting experiences and pictures to put up, simply not getting the time. Heck, I haven’t even had time to write about my travels in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, other times in Malaysia so far…and going to Vietnam later in April.

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Haha. First off, again, big congratulations on bagging that internship. And don’t get too stressed about not having time to post about your trips – you have a good time. Worry about us readers a bit less, kay? 😉

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