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I was pondering on how I rarely get time to blog these days despite having things to talk about. I mean, omg, there so many stories to tell that are languishing as half-finished drafts that I want to spit n’ polish before I publish them. (I have said that earlier, haven’t I.)

Then I scroll down to my blogroll and find many of the blogs of people I know (sometimes in a very loose sense ‘know’) are either deleted or dormant – sometimes without posting new content for months on end. I come close on full moon days at purging these blogs, then go back to my normal state of not bothering to because they are friends (sometimes in a Facebook sense of ‘friend’). All the cool kids seem to be getting tumblogs. I’m too comfortable with WordPress to bother.

Has Twitter reduced our attention spans? Is the blog bubble finally over? Don’t stay tuned to find out.

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No. Don’t think they can die just yet. There’ll always be a couple of people who’ll stick to these. I know, there are times when you just can’t find the time, but I think it’s just a phase for people like you and me. But yes, I do know of these ‘dead blogs’ of which you speak. For some, it’s just a phase.

I think it all boils down to patience. Writing your own material takes time as compared to microblogging platforms like tumblr and twitter, where you just retweet or reblog if you like it. makes life easier and faster. This is precisely the reason I have a normal wp blog and a tumblr account, since you can do so much on a tumblr blog, which would be plain irritating if done on a wp blog.

dormancy just kicks in when either you cannot write, or you don’t want to write šŸ˜›

Blogging gets frustrating… often there’s no tangible feedback, or incentive to continue. I’ve seen that happen with most everyone I know, including me.

Add mine to the list of the dead blogs, too. I don’t really feel the kind of urge to blog as I used to earlier. There was a time when I used to get a lot of comments, and we all say that we should write for ourselves, but we really know that we can’t keep doing that forever. The attention spans of people are getting shorter, personal touch and commenting don’t really matter anymore. This is the era of tweeting and retweeting, and doing that all over again. Everyone has become a blogger now, because the skill to write longer posts is no longer required. It’s just about the headlines these days.

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