Duncan Jones does it again!

When I saw the trailer for Source Code, I expected it to be typical Hollywood trash that would throw in more computer mumbo jumbo to barely hold a plot together. I was wrong. Duncan Jones – of Moon fame – spins a yarn that will keep you engrossed and make you think of existentialism once you exit the theatre. Much like Moon, Source Code is essentially about human choices and philosophy rather than a straight-out beep-boop sci-fi story. Calling Duncan Jones’ films merely ‘sci-fi’ films is a big injustice to them.

Jones seems to be using Chesney Hawkes’ The One and Only as a leitmotif in his works. I pointed out how in Moon he used that song to amplify the isolation of Sam Bell’s character. In Source Code, he uses the song too – this time to subliminally message that Christina (Michelle Monaghan’s character) could be the one true love for Cpt Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhal’s character) as that’s her phone ringtone. The repetitive use of flashes of Chicago’s Cloud Gate – and the eventual ending of the movie – make sense in this context!

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Oh you should know that the movie was touted to be the spiritual successor to other brain-benders such as Inception. Does it live up to that expectation though?

Source Code? Nah, I’d say it’s a spiritual successor to Denzel Washington starrer Deja Vu, another of my favourite films. Both are based around concepts of alternate realities, fate, etc.; the Denzel Washington one is more of a thriller though.

Is it weird that Im now able to predict where the links on your blog are going to lead? or is it just a sign that I am immensely bored, desperately looking for an excuse to procrastinate, with finals less than a week away?

You mean links to my own blog posts? Those should be fairly easy to guess I think. Now if you can divine out the other ones without seeing, well, you’re a fucking psychic.

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