Underwear / Pepsi

Underwear and Pepsi: two items that logically belong to the same shelf in a supermarket

To be fair, this is probably not the supermarket’s fault; it’s more probable that some guy ditched it there. But let us think for a moment. Who, pray, is this poor sod who is forced to choose between fresh underwear and…Pepsi? The same poor sod whom the Lord himself reached down to from the heavens, and convinced to ditch dry Japanese beer for cheese instead?


The Lord worketh in mysterious ways - and is a health freak


Perhaps it is an impoverished real-life crime fighter that we are dealing with here. You know, “the hero Singapore needs, not the hero it thinks it deserves, but the hero that it thinks that we think it needs to deserve, because it is time to deserve a hero…and things“. Thanks to ‘Eagle-Brand Capsicum Plaster’, even superheroes have quick and cheap ways to patch up gashing wounds.


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