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FAPS Quizzical Quest 2005

Erm, sorry for being so late for telling you guys about this, but I was VERY busy the last few days.

Apologies handled, now I can go ahead with telling you about this contest. Wait! Let’s celebrate first, coz I came first there. FAPS Quizzical Quest 2005 was conducted at Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS), New Delhi on 15 December 2005 as a part of its inter-school competition, Symbiosis 2005. Titled Quizzical Quest, it was a science quiz. Also being held were other events like Alchemy, the science symposium, and a computer programming competition.

A significant number of schools came, like DPS (Mathura Road), Amity (Saket), Gyan Bharati, Salwan Public, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Ahlcon Public, etc. (my memory in non-quiz matters is short). Two participants from each school sat for a 20-minute written selection test, which had 45 multiple-choice questions. I suspect the organizer was a biology teacher, because the paper mostly consisted of biology questions.

After that, we had to endure endless reruns of two Linkin Park songs, Points of Authority and Numb. Maybe they only had those, but even good songs sound boring after some time.

We came first in the written round. There were six stage rounds, in which the four qualifying teams participated. Boring, and the questions were damn easy (for us atleast!). These were the final positions:

  1. St. George’s School – 65 points
  2. DPS, Mathura Road – 35 points
  3. Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar – 30 points
  4. Gyan Bharati – 20 points

Overall, a boring quiz. The questions were tough on stage, as we did not have any options, but still this was a pretty small-scale event. The exciting thing was the fight I had with my partner, over who gets to keep the individual trophy (the school got one too). We compromised and decided to exchange it every year.

If you have gone off to sleep by now, good night.

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