The Hundredth Post

Can’t believe it at ALL myself. My blog has actually reached a 100 posts, this being the hundredth one. Now definitely, THAT calls for some CELEBRATIONS! Some announcements on this occasion:

  • Seen the cool new banner at the top? Hope you like it! Actually, a site without its own banner is a bit dull, don’t you think?
  • A bit a of redesign in the sidebar. Since not many people used the ‘Tell-A-Friend’ feature, it has been removed. Also, on a recommendation from Siddharth Razdan of our blog, I’ve add a blogroll. Go ahead, add mine, and tell me about yours I’ll add it too.
  • The page text was a bit small as default earlier. Now I’ve increased it a bit.
  • Abhishek Nandakumar, sadly, has left the blog. Wants to carry on with his own. Wish him luck.
  • Another guy from my former school has joined, but I don’t think he’ll be posting a lot. Well, he’ll get the boot then (just joking).
  • I’m thinking of a podcast, not in the normal sense of the term, but as an audio file accompanying some posts hosted on external locations. How about it?

Well, go ahead. Promise to keep the post-river flowing. For the moment though, I’m going to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

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