Sneak Preview Review – The New Look

It was about time something changed. I stumbled across this when I was visiting My Yahoo! page; there was a sneak preview link. Yes folks, Yahoo! has decided to change the style of there oh-so-well-known home page. Here is the link to the new look preview. For the moment though, this only supports IE and FF, although more are to be added soon.

I’ll digress here a bit to add that My Yahoo! is the best customized page service out there on the web. It has far more already-available modules then any other service, and offers far more customization options. No arguments here, Yahoo! rules. Don’t leave comments saying ‘Google is better’ etc. because they are not.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, Yahoo! NEEDED this change. It’s home page had become a bloated sausage peppered with hyperlinks, and it was a pain to quickly access anything. The new Yahoo! page solves all that beautifully, and offers more customization and targeted content (I don’t mean ads here; in Google’s case ‘targeted content’ ALWAYS means ads). It tailors the site according to a users tastes and also provides quicker navigation via the sidebar, which is one the major features, I’d say. Plus, it’s pretty nifty in the way it selects the content for the users. I personally was a guy who seldom visited the main page and directly accessed the services, but all that may change now.

The unwieldy search box now occupies less space, without compromising functionality. And if you feel like it, then you can customize even more using the link for that on the page.

A quick summary:

  • Easy access to other Yahoo! services
  • Customised content
  • Better designed page; this one is far smaller than the old one.

I think you’ll like it too. By the way, if you still prefer the old one, then you can switch back too. So don’t be afraid of getting stuck in this experiment.

P.S. – I’d scheduled this post for early-June, but since HT beat me to it, I decided to publish it now.

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