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DPSVK Quiz Club | The Official Site

DPS Vasant Kunj Quiz Club now has a new address on the web. We’ve named it DPSVK Quiz Club | The Official Site, located at our new URL, The ‘Official Blog…’ that we’d started has now been deleted. Actually, I felt that the blog was not really what we needed, a proper site was required.

So if you visit the site now, you’ll see that we’re conducting an online quiz contest, for internal students, to discover new talent. It’ll be held in two categories, classes 7-8 and classes 9-12. Classes 7-8 mainly focus on current affairs, while the class 9-12 quiz (not yet uploaded) will focus more on trivia.

I wish to make it a fully functional site, with quizzes for internal students, and quiz-hungry visitors, with resources, links, a rudimentary discussion forum (it’s already up, the ‘Village Pump’). For event updates, we’ve a blog-style section called ‘Veep Speak’, where the veep, ahem, me, would give (what else) event updates. Plus member profiles, etc. More coming up soon.

Do visit the site.

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