DPSVK HYE 06 – Math

Had my math term exam on Tuesday 4th October. Went ok, different paper for me. That too with morons disturbing me in the library where I was giving it. Paper started 20 minutes late, because teacher couldn’t be found! And then, an english teacher kept bothering me during the test about the format of a formal letter. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, sitting right in front of a librarian who kept chattering with different reps of book/magazine companies.

Waiting for results. Won’t be very good, I know, but that’s after missing so many classes. First term doesn’t count anyway though, that’s a good thing.

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‘First term doesn’t count’ as in it is not considered while calculating final result in our school. And ‘pathetic’ is term being used here in context of 93%-in-boards guy. As for my phase tests in IITJEE classes, doing well in those. šŸ˜€

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