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DPS VK Quiz Club – Phase Test One 2006

Phase Test One 2006 was conducted on 4th October 2006. And had our members stunned. The overall performance was only average, which is certainly not a word I want to be associated with the DPS VK QC. Some did partially well, but to have a top-class quiz team, we need BETTER performance.

In the order of merit, the members stand as follows, with comments on their performance. As in an quiz, actual scores will not be revealed publicly.

1. Srishti Gulati: Could have done better. Nice 100% strike rate though. Needs to expand beyond music.
2. Abhimanyu Bhardwaj: I don’t expect this from next year’s potential veep atleast.
3. Karan Gersappa: Needs to back up with more knowledge.
4. Rachit Agarwal: Kabhi movie ticket ko dustbin me dalke kisi doosri cheez ke bare me bhi pad liya kar. You can be a really good member. And remember to write your goddamn name next time onwards.
5. Bhavika Aggarwal: Really admire logical capability. Needs to backup with sound trivia knowledge, and can do much better. Gave multiple answers, and thus lost marks, or could’ve got position 2.
6. Varun VS: I didn’t know that Jimmy Wales ‘founded’ Jennifer Lopez (didn’t know that she had a paternity dispute), and that she is the ‘most popular source of information on the Internet’.
7. Indranil Chakrabarti: Got good bonuses, but bad main score. Not expected from a CBQC guy.
8. Ankit Sarkar: Can do better.

Last three members get a warning – mess up next time, and you’ll be out.

Apart from these, Waris Jain and Amritanshu Kar also gave the test, and are being taken in as temporary members. A repeated good performance next time, and they’ll be in.

One word on Eeshan Chatterjee, who also tried for membership. Didn’t know that Macca was Bob Dylan, rather than Paul McCartney that I thought all these years (this is a sarcastic statement, for dumbs ones like him out there). Funny paper though, will file it in if I ever write a joke-book. Funny answers.

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There was no next time (for me to write/not write my name).
Anyway, am I still like that? Always going on about movies?

Sheesh man, yeah, I’ve started feel nostalgic about the Quiz Club now. Or maybe it’s just that feeling which comes when something is dying out. Anyway, I’ve got to know you better since then Rach, and I’ve only this to say – yes, you’re still stuck up on movies (and pretty bad at that too, since you keep on referring to critics). But you’re THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC member of all of them, and you can go pretty far if you get more serious.

Which member of the former band Oingo Boingo wrote Willy Wonka’s Welcome Song for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ?

Dunno, never really investigated that movie much. The songs (and the kids) were SO irritating, and the dentist dad admiring Wonka’s teeth, was SO cheesy! What’s the answer?

Danny Elfman.
He composed and sang all the tracks on all the songs.
And yes, it all was meant to be irritating, a throwback to his Oingo Boingo days.

Just in case you don’t know, Danny Elfman’s a major Hollywood composer with credits which include Spiderman, Batman, Batman Returns, Spidey 2 and the works….

Do u like Tim Burton movies (the gorier ones like Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands….)? He composed music for those too.
And then, there’s Mission Impossible.

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