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Times Of India Fun-da-Mental 2006

The Times of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2006 was held today at the Siri Fort Auditorium. The crowd seemed to be much lesser than usual, but that maybe because of the fact that many schools have their exams going on right now. Anyway, the participation was much than previous years.

The started off, as usual, with those horrible promos of sponsors that we quizzers always have to endure at such places. The team was totally new and experimental. It consisted of me, Abhimanyu and Srishti. To tell the truth, I was really apprehensive whether they’d deliver performance….

The written prelims had 30 questions, round conducted by Bhavna of DoB&A (conducted lots of the ones in which I’ve participated). Their projection systems kept failing (as usual with DoB&A). We did somewhat well in the prelims (what we thought then), but we did mess up. Or rather, I own up, I messed up. It was all my fault that we did not qualify. We did not make it to stage because of one measly point. It’s all because of my fault, since Srishti had given two correct answers, which I had overruled. Had I listened to her, then our team would have been there on stage. I apologize to the team, and to the DPS VK Quiz Club, for messing this really bad.

The teams which qualified for the stage rounds were:

  1. Amity International School, Saket (they have a quiz team?)
  2. DAV, Suraj Bhan
  3. New Era Public School, Mayapuri (they eventually won, congrats Prateek)
  4. Ramjas School, Anand Parbat
  5. Mothers International School (came second, I guess all due to Milind and Krittika)
  6. Vivekananda School (who the hell are these people?)

Derek O’ Brien (aka Derek No Brain) looked idiotic as he always does, looking like some wet chicken dragged out of bed. He also brought along his stupid ‘Infinite KQBounce’ system. We didn’t stay till the end, since our members needed to be back at school, but it wasn’t as high energy as it generally is. It seemed as if people had come along just for the sake of it. Or maybe it was because of the fact that KITW hadn’t come there.

In all, I’d say that our performance was okay, going by the fact that these are new members. Abhimanyu hardly did anything, too much overlap between what he knows and what I know. Srishti did well for a first time at a big event, and put the team with crucial points needed for qualifying, before I messed up everything. All my fault. I guess I better listen to other members too the next time…

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Shame on u for getting those wrong!! And u call urself the veep of the quiz club??!!! Sheesh. I’m disgusted…

Very funny. :p Although yes, I really still do feel really guilty about overruling Srishti’s answers when agreeing to it would have ENSURED that we qualified.

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