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DPS Mathura Road Talent Fiesta 2006 – Quizzard

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road conducted the quiz competition ‘Quizzard’ (grrr, I’ll sue them for trademark violation) during their annual Talent Fiesta today. Two teams per school had gone, and we did well in the competition. Team A consisted of me, Abhishek (the President) and Srishti; while Team B consisted of Tuseet, Abhimanyu and Karan.

There was a 25-question (or was it 26-question…) written prelim as soon as we stepped in (well, they did show us that their audio equipment was BAD by TRYING to play Star Wars III before that, but I digress…), and both teams had to attempt separately (team B didn’t like this). It was, um, a good paper and team A did well. We were a bit a clueless on some, not many, but the P and the VP handled it well. Srishti really shocked us both Bongs by saying (and answering faster than us) on a question related to Satyajit Ray literature, and answered a few more I think.

We topped in the preliminaries, and I was surprised to see some good teams not qualifying. The qualifying teams were (not in the order of merit):

  • DPS Faridabad
  • Springdales, Dhaula Kuan
  • St Columba’s School
  • DPS Dwarka
  • DPS Vasant Kunj
  • DPS Mathura Road

The questions which came were easy, but there were some that really foxed the teams. It was unique in the sense that it actually differentiated rounds on the basis of topic, which is generally not done these days. Even the audio round, if I can call it that, since nothing was audible, was pretty strange, since it didn’t have any music at all – just clippings from movies. In the end, we just stopped one question away from victory. Springdales won, and we came second, in a quiz which was definitely MINE. Really disheartening sometimes when you come so close, and yet fall short with victory in sight.

Bad thing about the talent fest – no refreshments. The certificates also did not indicate the position we had secured. No trophy too for second place, at least in school contests they aren’t so miserly generally.

Anyway, good exposure to new members, and finally the skeleton of a possible team seems to be emerging. None of the new ones are top-level yet, but I hope over time, they will.

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Haven’t you seen the amazing amount of Feluda books floating around!!! And all the teams got this one!! and I’ve only read the ones translated by Gopa Majumdar…but they are AWESOME!!! Plus mom’s a big fan…so duh!

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