DPSVK HYE 06 – Results

Hmmm. What do I say. Ummm, don’t know whether I call this term good or bad, but I guess it’d qualify as slightly bad by standards. Maybe then again, it won’t, looking at the fact that 90%ers from so many other schools are now getting in 70s and 60s. And the fact that people who get good marks in VMC, FIITJEE, Narayana etc phase tests (and I mean REALLY good marks) are getting in 60s and 50s in these exams.

Well, I did end up getting about 81%, which I’d say is a MAJOR achievement, considering the fact that I was hardly there in class after the first two weeks of school. But still, my ranking in class is close to top 10, and this is the abilities section – my ranking would have been higher in other ones. It’s a climbdown though and it could have been better.

Let’s wait for final term then…

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