Hilary Duff’s new album out soon

Hilary Duff emerges from breakup with ‘Dignity’ – Yahoo! News

Yes, Hilary is gonna to release a new album Dignity, pretty soon, around 3rd April. Of course, that’s the US release date, and I doubt whether it’ll reach Indian shores anytime quickly, because it’s being released by Disney’s Hollywood Records label, which I don’t think isn’t found much here. I dunno what that songs will be like, at least, the album name isn’t, well, really well chosen for a teenage singer. Or maybe, just maybe, she’s taking a potshot at the antics of the other Disney ‘princess’ Lindsay Lohan. I’d call it a full-blown :p for sure at Lindsay. Duff is a good singer, but her acting career hasn’t really taken off. She still seems to be stuck in that Lizzie McGuire (that was a damn funny show!) mindset in most movies she’s acted in.

A bit of Hilary Duff trivia:

  1. In Lizzie McGuire, Lizzie (and her mom’s) favorite actor is Denzel Washington.
  2. Adam Lamberg (Gordo) was the eldest among the three main characters in Lizzie McGuire – and yet he was the shortest.
  3. Lalaine (Miranda) has also released a CD – which has only two songs!
  4. They’d even considered Lindsay Lohan for Lizzie’s role. Stupid Disney, why didn’t they choose her!

BTW, my fave characters in Lizzie McGuire were Matt McGuire (Jake Thomas), because he’s totally crazy; and the animated Lizzie, for her sarcasm – animated Lizzie was so much funnier than the real Lizzie.

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