Is the Cricket World Cup THAT horrid?

Here’s something The Guardian had to say about the Cricket World Cup theme music. Can’t comment on it. because I haven’t heard it, please, do enlighten me if someone has. This snippet is damn funny!

The theme music of the World Cup is a complete disgrace. I’m not sure whether it’s official World Cup music or not – I did try to find out but the ICC tournament site seems to have been programmed by a dyscalculic with boxing gloves on – but that’s not really the point, they don’t have to play it. Heavy on percussion, the sound is not dissimilar to Douglas Bader falling down a flight of stairs while carrying two open canteens of cutlery. Ironically, it contains a snippet of Ode to Joy.

‘…programmed by a dyscalculic with boxing gloves on…’ – I liked this the best, and I forgive the author for calling web-designing programming.

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