Why do Hard diskz burn?

Recently i was overjoyed when i finally got my new comp, a racehorse fitted with a 450W motor;-) Yes, the C2D E6400 is blazing fast, coupled with a Digit Gold Buy AsRock motherboard… but one thing can not be beaten. Ever. The Human Brain. Well, or it’s pranky side. You see, i just learnt how to create a fountain inside your cabinet. Just connect your floppy power connector to the 10-pin connector in your hard disk. BUDUM, SHUDUM, PHUSSSHHHHH, SHUSSSHHHHHH, and you get to see an array of red, blue, green and a few yellow sparks, flying all over the place, creating a visual effect even the hardest art attack critics would appreciate… I just hope Western digital appreciates it too, and gives me a replacement………………………..
BTW, this is the 440th post to this blog… sad that GQ missed the 420th…………

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I would’ve loved to see it. Did you burn the thing by accident on your new comp or on purpose on your old computer? If you were smart, you would’ve gotten out a video camera, and recorded the fountain show for all CWs. šŸ˜‰

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