Why do Hard diskz burn? #2

Last time art attack enthusiasts were taught how to get fountains out of hard disks. This one is for the fathers of the Art Attack fans. So, what is the effective cost for the beautiful piece of imagery? Data, and 30 gb worth of sectors lost in repair. Neways, it is not recommended to buy a W.D. hard disk… they are not too generous. Didn’t give me a new one. Neither are Seagate, or Samsung…. So, it’s preferable to go without a hard disk till the companies are taught a lesson. Let’s just not buy hard disks till they bring about a change in their repairs and replacements policies. Let’s go on hunger strikes till the CEOs of these companies die of malnutrition, due to fall in income, triggered by fall in operating profits, triggered by our not buying hard disks… Well, go ahead, show them who is the boss… just that don’t expect me around, i don’t need a HDD for quite a while. Well, bi for now, catch you on newspaper headlines….

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