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GQ’s Blogging Patterns

Seeing the popularity of GQ’s blog, I got interested in the history and working of the blog. Being in vidyamandir sure makes you crazy… so here’s my analysis….

  • The no of local maximas and minimas show irregularity in blogging.
  • Blogging peaked four times. Frequency of blogging is highest during June, and December, i.e. vacation time.
  • Unusually blogging frequency is low during the post exams march break… maybe he has post exam stress problem.
  • Blogging has been on constant rise since got over with code wars last year (November)..
  • Blogging peaked this march, a deviation from last year. Maybe he has only post board-exam stress….
  • GQ got his new domain ( on 1st of April. His blogging activity has gone drastically down since.
  • At the given rate, there will be about 21 posts this month, a fall enough to raise eyebrows.
  • And now that i have finally started posting to this blog, i may just be able to pull a few of those eyebrows down šŸ˜‰

3 replies on “GQ’s Blogging Patterns”

surely, surely u ment no. of posts and not no. of blogs on the y-axis of the graph…

@Eeshu: Damn, you actually sat and plotted all that data or is there a site that does that?

@Rach: Well pointed out. LMAO! Those many blogs! No offence Eeshan.

This does remind me though, I’ve loads of posts left, but I just can’t decide which ones to put up!

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