HARD DRIVES- Real HARD To Understand

The point of my writing this article is to tell those who dont know what really will happen if we–

“Connect our floppy power connector to the 10-pin connector in your hard disk.”.

First of all sorry to burst ur bubble Eeshan Chatterjee but the new generation SATA nd SATA II HDD’s dont have a 10 PIN connector. Nd as far as i know(which is much more than you ) even the firewire HDD’s also dont have a 10 PIN CONNECTOR.

but if Mr.Eeshan Chatterjee has got a IDE DRIVE with his “C2D” then …….

Nd btw a SATA power cord nd SATA cable looks somethin like this—

Nd this is how the SATA ports look on your motherboard—

Nd the FLOPPY drive power connectors look like this—

or this—

Nd the SATA HDD’s look something like this from the behind—-

so there is no way in the world that u can connect a floppy power connector to the 10-pin connector in your hard disk(as it doesnt exist).
nd u cant possibly interconnect the SATA power cable and the FDD power cable and create a “FOUNTAIN”.

so a word of advice and warning to Mr.Eeshan Chatterjee that wake up this is the real world, its not easy to fool people and there is always someone(everyone in the CW though) better and more learned than you out there.

and u think u are suitable to be the CW PREZ…….

P.S.-Nd please learn sumthing about a PC before u try to show off.

if u still want 2 know more abt SATA technology i suggest u go 2 this page–

It will tell u abt the various SATA connectors nd tell u that there is no “10 PIN CONNECTOR”.

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Hmmm, interesting things to point out Waris. šŸ˜‰ I wonder what Eeshu has to say to this…

Nice job Waris I guess some people think they know a lot but that limit is to limit .99% of what you know…….. keep it up man!

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