Those who are bong, will understand the title. Those who are not, best is to ask GQ. He’d love to be a language resource for a day. He’s sure had a lot of the tech-resource man tag.
Coming to the point, People need to read more carefully now-a-days. Small things are missed in big hurry. Anyways, since there have been quite a few misleading things in this blog (GQ had warned about this in the very first post…), i hereby do some mopping up:

  • Usually, Pictures taken from as close as 5 cm from the lens are bound to be utterly unfocused.
  • If you have noticed, I have a mini cabinet, it is a herculean task to remove the HDD. It’s catchers are located beneath the DVD-drive, and i had to get back punching on my keyboard soon(i can’t live without it…), so i just dislodged the HDD a bit, to help myself to a few pics…
  • I uploaded high res pics to make the difficult task of locating the empty area of my HDD backside easier.

  • Check this image out. It is the same as before. The empty space can’t be clearer.
  • I do believe that the doesn’t explain the occurrence of such strange kind of stuff on a HDD…
  • Finally addressing the grievance of time required to open up large pics, most of them average 200 Kb. Even with an ancient 64Kbps based internet, it hardly takes 10 seconds to open one. Sure someone who has one of the latest PCs around (as claimed, i believe) would have a net connection far exceeding my calculative values. And anyone curious enough to do a postmortem of my post will sure have enough patience.
  • I certainly expected better of Mr. Waris Jain.

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