God Help Him……..

First of all when you are trying to explain your self through pics then please post clear pics not fuzzy prints that even the most perfect set of human eyes will take a decade to focus on.

At least know that when a photograph comes out fuzzy then we do a retake.
And please when posting on blogs reduce the size of images before you upload .I hope you now that posting large images/content takes a toll on the loading time of a webpage.Its pretty dumb to do so. Unless you were trying to show us that your cam takes photos in Megapixel Reso.
And secondly why is it so difficult for you to undesrstand Mr. Eeshan Chatterjee that there is NO 10-pin or 8-pin power connector in a SATA HDD.
The SATA HDD’s Use the following types of Power Connectors—


this one has been specifically designed for SATA HDD’s.

And a FDD Uses this power connector—
so how the hell can you connect the FDD power connector to the SATA drive!!!!!!!!!!
Isnt it simple enuf 2 see and understand?!!!?!!!??!?.
For More Info on how to Assemble a PC I sugget you visit it will tell you that you CANT connect A FDD power connector to SATA HDD.

nd now please dont say that you(can) interconnected them.

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