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Symbian series 60 applications for V.10-V.30

All smart phones need some additional applications to spice it up. All these tools will work on all versions of series 60. I know there are a lot of Nokia users here so i thought to bring about the best of Symbian applications i have used and tested on the Nokia 6680. Best part is that these applications don’t cost a thing.

  • Fxplorer – It only allows user to browse through some fixed folders created in the phone or memory card. Excellent user-interface with no hitches , latest version in more stable.
  • Cell Track – Software to tell you about strong or weak network signal.
  • Blacklist – It can be configured to disconnect calls or block messages from certain numbers in your contact list which you don’t want to attend or avoid. Actually it works in a system where the caller would always get a busy tone when he or she calls.(ps: something similar to call diverts but this thing actually blocks selected nos.)
  • Media Safe – It provides advanced security with 256 bits encryption (blow fish method) for audio and video. It can be used to encrypt files on your memory card too. It has a plus point to encode sms’s as well. Pretty cool !
  • MSDict Concise Oxford Dictionary – Occupies approximately 5mb in phone memory to give you 240k words and phrases, has a option to tell you where to use the words as well.
  • OPERA 9 beta – The software i swear by , whether a symbian phone or j2me device this thing works great by providing you access to HTTP as well as WAP protocol brings to you the world of Internet at your fingertips . Amazingly fast by loading cached images. Simply a must have.
  • MORAGE – Another one of those free applications which support Push mail and Instant messaging (MSN/Yahoo/Google talk).
  • Bluetooth messenger – Free messaging across compatible bluetooth devices. Can send messages to multiple clients.
  • Fone Folio – Though most of the symbian devices have integrated office applications support but still I would recommend this because it is totally refined ( no hangs) the usual easy interface.

To download these applications direct your browser to , , , and

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good apps but you forgot a couple such as antivirus, smart movie, auto keylock etc.
good post

@Ace: Amazing post…exactly what people look around for these days. Although being a Yahoo! fan, I would’ve liked to see Yahoo! Go on the list too. Well, and then there are others like Boris said, by nice way to begin man. Welcome to my blahg!

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