HD Wars Episode 43: Return of the Vivek

Frankly, I was pretty worried about this kid Vivek. Hadn’t heard from him so long that I thought he’d ceased to exist. Phew, good to know he’s alive. Here’s his take on the HD Wars…

Eeshan is a no-go when it comes to hardware. IMHO (hehe), Eeshan tried his best to stuff his FDD power cable into his SATA HDD. This is possible because both have 4 pins and, don’t forget, Eeshan is ****. Many times, amateurs believe that it just isn’t fitting, and applying brains rather than brain cause lovely fireworks.

P.S. If I’m wrong, forgive me, because I haven’t been able to follow the proceedings of the war very efficiently. But the hardware guy has to give his opinion.

Hmmm. Mixing up the 4-pins. Possible, although sane people don’t do that. Also, from the photos he’d put up, I don’t remember correctly but I don’t think his SATA was 4-pin. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m in no mood to check it again. And then, he’d insisted that it was 10 / 8 pin. Oh well, the hardware guy’s spoken (and joined my blahg too) at last!

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